Interns & Fellows

The Task Force offers graduate and undergraduate internships available during the fall/winter, winter/spring, and summer terms for college students or recent grads.

Course credit for internships varies and depends on the policies of each individual school. Status of an internship as credit or non-credit will be made before the internship is offered. All interns’ supervisors will provide an evaluation (according to the school’s standards and procedures) of the intern’s work. If academic credit is not being received, interns and fellows may be compensated for the time they work. These stipends vary according to which internship/fellowship candidates may be assigned. Please check with the specific intern/fellow area for specific information.

Two Important Exceptions to the Guidelines:

  1. Any student receiving academic credit for an internship will not receive a stipend.
  2. Students who are placed at the Task Force through third-party internship programs (such as the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars) will not receive a stipend.

Position Descriptions/How to Apply

Fellowships Offered

  • Academy for Leadership and Action Fellowship
  • Holley Law Fellowship

Internships Offered

  • Communications
  • Creating Change
  • Development
  • Government Affairs Internship
  • Policy Institute Internship
  • Pride Internship
  • Special Events

Interns may come into contact with sensitive information during their time here, so we need a signed confidentiality agreement before the beginning of work.

Interns are responsible for housing, living expenses, and any other costs. The Task Force is nonprofit and may qualify with certain schools to allow student work study obligations to be fulfilled. Prospective interns should contact their campus financial aid office for details.

Should you require further information regarding specific internships, please e-mail us.