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Creating Change 2023 | Agents of Change Sunday Funday Mini-Ball


Agents of Change Sunday Funday Mini-Ball

Ballroom Agreements

Historical trauma is real and manifests itself in insidious ways if we let it. Therefore, VIOLENCE, in any form, will not be tolerated by anyone and you will be asked to leave the function. This has not been an issue in past years, and we want to continue this tradition.

The house/ballroom community stems from a place of resilience, strength, and survival of LGBT BIPOC in the United States. During the 1940s Harlem Renaissance, elaborate pageants featuring Black and Latinx LGBT community members gave rise to what is known today as the house/ballroom community. In the 1970s & 80s shaped greatly by economic, social, and political forces, the first houses were created. Their structure stems from what we know best, families; mother, father, and of course, the children, each with their own talent, gift, and personal struggle.

Join us as we bring to life and give LIFE to the ballroom community at the "Agents of Change – Sunday Funday Mini-Ball” on Sunday, Feb 19, 2023, at 8 pm.

Over the years, Penelope, the Angels, and Oso, along with many other members from the ball community have brought the ballroom culture to Creating Change. All ages and gender expressions are welcome, and we ask everyone to adhere to some agreements:

Ball culture has a language and culture of its own, and at times may be perceived as other than what it is: a language with its own herstory, flaws, nuances, and evolution. Please be respectful of the language and culture, do your homework and if appropriate, ask if you do not understand why a phrase or word is being used.

Please be respectful of community members attending the event. The same is expected of them towards you.

Please keep reading and shadiness to a minimum. The message is LOVE.

Violence, in any form, will not be tolerated by anyone and you will be asked to leave the function. This has not been an issue in past years, and we want to continue this tradition. Yes, we must repeat it for the folxs in the back!

Bring your creativity and talent and have a blast! The ball is a place of innovation, validation, and celebration of us and each other.

Welcome to Creating Change 2023 and we hope to see you on the runway!


MC vs MC (1 $150 gift card + trophy) STATISTICS: Serve us a rap/chant of awareness of the number of Trans people murdered in 2022 in the US, stop killing our siblings! Alternatively, rap/chant about MPX and its impact on our community. 2 min max.

REALNESS (1 $150 gift card + trophies) (Thug v Executive v School Boy v Pretty Boy v BQD v FQ) MEDICAL FIELD: Today we are showing our appreciation to the medical field, as they have worked endlessly to ensure our safety in a COVID/MPX world. Serve the category in a doctor or nurse uniform, but this is a ball so add a fashionable aspect to your look, and don't forget your stethoscope.

SONGBIRD (1 $150 gift card + trophy) CREATING CHANGE: A popular category that has made for some memorable moments at Creating Change over the years. This year, sing a song on self-improvement, creating change, and thriving. 2 min max.

OTA Sex Siren (1 $150 gift card + trophies) THE YOGA INSTRUCTOR: Get your 10s in a yoga look. You're ready to stretch your students out, you walk in, and all eyes are on YOU! Don't forget your yoga mat.

OTA Runway – Mini Grand (1 $300 gift card + trophies) (American v European v FQ v Women's) HEAD DARLING: This category is asking for two things, and both must be served at the ball. Ask #1: In fashion, heads are either simply left alone, or meticulously decorated. Tonight, bring us an outstanding head piece or an over-the-top hair affair look, you choose. Ask #2: Your look must incorporate a Safe Oral Sex message. What can we do during oral sex to keep us from contracting an STI?

FACE (women’s v FQ v BQ) (1 $150 gift card + trophies) THE COLORFUL ATTITUDE, part 2: Using the shades of pink and blue on the trans flag sell your carta to the judges in white jeans and a top in your chosen trans flag color of blue or pink. Your chosen color does not have to represent what gender you identify with. Sell your face with a trans flag.

GENDER NON-CONFORMING/NONBINARY FACE (1 $150 gift card + trophy) THE FUTURE: In the last three years this category has grown in the ballroom scene. It has changed the game! Being that this is the category of the future, bring us a futuristic look, not in silver, but in all GOLD.

Big Girl’s v Big Boy’s Runway (1 $150 gift card + trophies) RED RAGE: In the LGBTQ flag, red represents life. This makes sense if you think about how blood is red, how often blood is thought of as a vital life force of the body and how many lives were lost for us to be here today! Red also represents passion among many cultures, and passion is ideally where life originates from. In a head-to-toe RED look, show us why red is the foundation of the LGBTQ flag (black is allowed for accessories, shoes, etc.).

OTA Performance – Grand Prize (1 $600 gift card + trophies) (Vogue fem v Old Way v New Way) ELEMENTS OF VOGUE: Vogue is the telling of a story with your hands. Today tell us a story with your respective Vogue category in the color of the LGBTQ flag assigned to your vogue category from head to toe, but the color must be altered to a shiny or glittery look (black is allowed for accessories, shoes, etc.). Note: If you use actual glitter, you must incorporate that on to your effect before entering the ball. No loose glitter allowed in the venue.
⠀⠀⠀Vogue Fem: ORANGE
⠀⠀⠀New Way: PURPLE
⠀⠀⠀Old Way: YELLOW