Task Force Joins ‘Our Tomorrow’ Campaign for LGBTQ People

Campaign invites LGBTQ people to share their hopes, fears and ideas for the future

WASHINGTON, DC, May 4, 2015 —T he National LGBTQ Task Force has teamed up with Our Tomorrow, an online and social media campaign to engage lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people across the country in a conversation about their hopes, fears and ideas for the future of the social movement for equality. The campaign hopes to help create a shared, movement-wide vision for a bigger, bolder, and more inclusive movement for equality for LGBTQ people.

“At a time when we’re on the verge of securing a significant advancement to basic rights for LGBTQ people, it’s important that we think bigger and imagine a future that has freedom, justice, and equality at the center of all of our lives,” said Rea Carey, Executive Director at the National LGBTQ Task Force. 

Our Tomorrow invites everyone to attend one of the 50 events it’s hosting across the nation and to share their hopes, fears and ideas on the campaign’s website.Posts will be featured on the Our Tomorrow website, where anyone interested in the future of the movement can learn about issues on the minds of LGBTQ people across the country. Insights and ideas from Our Tomorrow will also be shared with more than 90 nonprofit organizations and foundations that have sponsored the campaign.

A full list of Our Tomorrow partners is available online. You can also find Our Tomorrow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.


Jorge Amaro
Media and Public Relations Director